Pensieri di un Dustoff


Leggevo su DVIDS un articolo sul Capitano Eric Doe, un pluridecorato elicotterista MEDEVAC (82nd CAB) di etnia Cherokee che ha salvato Dio solo sa quanti uomini nelle situazioni piu’ disparate (e disperate):

“It’s probably one of the most rewarding assignments that I’ve ever had, or could have in my Army career,” Doe said. “There’s nothing like it. When you get to cheat death and say ‘Not today. This one lives. This one’s going home. This one’s coming with me,’ it’s the best feeling in the world.”

“My very first dust off [medevac] mission was back in 2007. We got a call that this young Soldier with the 173rd Airborne Brigade out of Vicenza, Italy, had been hit while in his vehicle with an RPG that peppered his whole left side with shrapnel, Doe said.

Doe explained the wounded Soldier’s comrades dressed his wounds and put him on a gurney next to a humvee while waiting for the medevac helicopter to arrive. The wounded Soldier later told Doe that his mind was inundated with thoughts that he would die there, until Doe’s helicopter came into view. Then the Soldier’s despair was replaced with a hope he would live.


HH-60M durante un’evacuazione medica. I Dustoff sono gli unici reparti di volo che volano con elicotteri disarmati in zona di guerra.
Photo: Joe Copelman/


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