A sostegno del Kiowa Warrior…


Ho appena letto un bel commento sul sito Nationaldefensemagazine.org a proposito della decisione dell’US Army di ritirare prematuramente i Kiowa Warrior:

It’s not about the mission or the soldier, it’s about bias, jealousy and of course money, the KW has been targeted for removal over and over again, first through replacement with the Comanche, then replacement with the ARH (both cancelled projects), now through budget.

The Army aviation community has touted the success of the KW every time they saw a chance to claim success for themselves in combat but in the background has fomented a branch wide bias that the KW is only an interim aircraft that is less capable than other airframes and therefore needs to go away.  KW’s history of  maintaining higher flying operational tempo at less cost while other platforms flew less and cost more created competition among commanders of aviation units, not always the good-natured competition. These commanders are now in position to influence the outcome of this decision.

Ask a non aviation ground commander that served in Iraq or Afghanistan what he felt about his KW support while in the fight. You’ll get an earful and then some from the commanders who know that they brought soldiers home to family and friends because KW’s were always there.  It seems odd that these ground force commanders aren’t being asked now whether or not they agree with this plan.

And finally, the money.  All of the aircraft in the inventory can expect a budget cut to impact them due to the current government sequestration and economy.  But the plan as proposed would seem to protect all of the other airframe budgets from serious cuts by simply placing the KW on the sacrificial alter of Congress.

As an example the AH-64E is driving forward with it $50 million cost as no issue, do we need an “E” model at a time when our commitment to armed conflict is drawing down?  Is there something about the AH-64D that has failed and needs to be fixed? If it has failed at it’s attack role what would make it more capable of accomplishing the KW reconnaissance role that it has never been able to accomplish before? You could buy 5 KW’s for the price of one Apache these days.  Makes you question which program is throwing good money after bad.

“…scouting is a mission, not a platform,”

Scouting is the mission and the man, he requires the proper tools or platform to succeed

As an analogy;
carpentry is a skill, not a task
do you want a plumber to build your house with his plumbers tools?
In the end, the man and the tools matter a great deal!

Il commento e’ a firma RetiredAviator. Onestamente non so chi sia, ma cio’ che scrive e’ largamente condivisibile.

2 Risposte

  1. giorgione

    ma non avevano deciso di aggiornarli poco tempo fa?
    Cos e capitato nel frattempo?

    febbraio 6, 2014 alle 8:19 am

    • Aleks

      Si, ma pare abbiano sospeso tutto. Vedremo come si evolvera’ la situazione nel futuro.

      febbraio 6, 2014 alle 11:13 am


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