KC-X: il jukebox si e’ fermato

Where the heck is Arthur Fonzarelli when we need him ?

Cancellato dopo lunghe e interminabili paturnie l’appalto KC-X. A occuparsi della patata bollente sara’ la prossima amministrazione.


DoD Announces Termination of KC-X Tanker Solicitation

Today, the Department of Defense notified the Congress and the two competing contractors, Boeing and Northrop Grumman, that it is terminating the current competition for a U.S. Air Force airborne tanker replacement.

Secretary Gates, in consultation with senior Defense and Air Force officials, has determined that the solicitation and award cannot be accomplished by January. Rather than hand the next Administration an incomplete and possibly contested process, Secretary Gates decided that the best course of action is to provide the next Administration with full flexibility regarding the requirements, evaluation criteria and the appropriate allocation of defense budget to this mission.

Secretary Gates stated, “Over the past seven years the process has become enormously complex and emotional – in no small part because of mistakes and missteps along the way by the Department of Defense. It is my judgment that in the time remaining to us, we can no longer complete a competition that would be viewed as fair and objective in this highly charged environment. The resulting “cooling off” period will allow the next Administration to review objectively the military requirements and craft a new acquisition strategy for the KC-X.”

In making this decision, it was concluded that the current KC-135 fleet can be adequately maintained to satisfy Air Force missions for the near future. Sufficient funds will be recommended in the FY09 and follow-on budgets to maintain the KC-135 at high-mission capable rates. In addition, the Department will recommend to the Congress the disposition of the pending FY09 funding for the tanker program and plans to continue funding the KC-X program in the FY10 to FY15 budget presently under review.



E intanto i Stratotanker devono tenere botta.

Qui una nota del sottosegretario alla difesa per le acquisizioni John Young:

The truth is, KC-135s currently have, on average, 17,000 hours and they have a structural life of 36,000 to 39,000 hours. Those airplanes have plenty of life. We could continue with those airplanes structurally. Those airplanes were designed in a time where we developed more robust structures. Today’s airplanes have less robust structures. I think it remains to be seen whether [newer] planes can serve for 25, 40 or 50 years.

E poi ci si meraviglia del B-52. Negli anni cinquanta si che progettavano aerei fatti per durare.


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